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Action Comics #971

Action Comics #971 cover

Through Doomsday, Clark Kent doubles and a missing Lois Lane, Action Comics has kept readers plenty engaged, but issue #971 sees Dan Jurgens finally deliver on the book’s best untapped selling point — a legit confrontation with Superman and Lex Luthor.

Superman has been willing to give Luthor the benefit of the doubt, but his goodwill is tested when aliens claim Luthor will become Darkseid and plunder the galaxy.  Now stranded on an alien world, the two inevitable rivals have to work out their issues or both get made galactic examples. And the odds don’t look too good.

Jurgens has patiently delayed bringing Superman and Luthor into prolonged contact and that decision is paying off now. While Superman is probably right to remain leery of Luthor, he’s faced with the reality that he’s judging him as easily as the Godslayer.

Action Comics #971 interior art

With Superman solar systems away, Jurgens also continues the Lois Lane/Clark Kent subplot with both trying to uncover the others’ secrets. That’s a nice dynamic Jurgens has set up with both Superman and Lois not sure what to make of someone claiming to be a friend despite their instincts telling them otherwise.

Artist Stephen Segovia crafts solid work. Occasionally, he goes too heavy on the shading, which doesn’t provide the dramatic punch he intends, but otherwise Segovia delivers. It doesn’t hurt that he draws Jon appropriately like a child not a little person.

I’ve been very impressed with Action’s turnaround. The title has been a welcome surprise the last few months and this arc is holding fast with that trend. I’m looking forward to seeing where Jurgens and Segovia take the next issue while retaining this enjoyable momentum.

Rating: 8.5 out of 10

Image Credit: DC Comics

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