DC Comics reviews for 1/11/17 – Flash, Detective Comics, Wonder Woman

Detective Comics #948

Detective Comics #948 cover

Batwoman Begins kicks off what looks to be another thrilling story arc. What else is new? It’s Detective Comics and this title always delivers.

Marguerite Bennett joins writer James Tynion IV for this chapter in a prelude before their ongoing run as the new Batwoman writers for her solo title.

A mix of flashbacks and current day explores¬† ¬†Kathy Kane’s early days as Batwoman and her relationship with her father. The current day story sees Batman and Batwoman dealing with some unexpected fallout from the Night of the Monster Men.

It was great to see Tynion revisit plot threads from earlier in his run with an exciting new wrinkle and major threat for Batman and Batwoman.

Detective Comics #948 interior art

Ben Oliver’s art is very sharp with its photorealistic style. Oliver uses some nice subtle coloring techniques to distinguish between the flashbacks and current scenarios.

The one downside to the issue is the absence of the rest of Team Batman. This felt more like a traditional Batman comic with Batman and his plus one sidekick taking on a new menace.

But it’s hard to complain about an issue where the Bat cousins spend some quality time. And this new adversary looks to be a candidate with strong staying power in the right hands. In the Bat universe it doesn’t get much better than Tynion’s.

Rating: 9.7 out of 10

Image Credit: DC Comics

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