DC Comics reviews for 1/11/17 – Flash, Detective Comics, Wonder Woman

The Flash #14

The Flash #14 coverLately on his run on The Flash, Joshua Williamson has focused on restoring the classic status quo. Kid Flash is back as Flash’s sidekick, Barry and Iris are dating and now finally The Rogues have returned. And just as noteworthy is the return of regular artist Carmine Di Giandomenico. That all leads to the kickoff of what looks to be The Flash’s best Rebirth story arc yet.

With The Rogues remaining low-key, The Flash is starting to worry his old adversaries are working on a big scheme. Trying to chase down their cold trail, Flash finds a lead that they’re planning a massive heist. I love the premise of The Rogues on an Ocean’s Eleven style caper with The Flash in hot pursuit.

Williamson has to resolve some lingering plot elements pre-Rebirth namely the tentative truce between Flash and the Rogues. That shift is somewhat awkward as Williamson can’t really avoid making Flash look like he’s actively trying to pick a fight with The Rogues.

The Flash #14 interior artDi Giandomenico makes a welcome return to the title. He has such a lively kinetic style that is unrivaled by the various fill-in artists we’ve seen on The Flash. Di Giandomenico has a creative flair for how to pose characters giving the art a dramatic, highly stylized appearance. There wasn’t a lot of action this time, but I’m looking forward to watching Di Giandomenico pit Flash against The Rogues.

In addition to reframing The Rogues as Flash’s main threat, their designs have reverted to a more classic look. Meaning no bare sleeves for Captain Cold and Weather Wizard looks less like a supervillain hipster.

This was mainly a setup issue, but Williamson adds a clever twist that ensures The Rogues are back and badder than ever. Which can only lead to good things for this arc and Flash readers.

Rating: 9.5 out of 10

Image Credit: DC Comics

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