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Justice League: Vixen

Justice League Vixen cover

Vixen has always been one of those solid supporting characters. She’s got a great power and an interesting backstory but it’s never translated to much beyond nice guest spots on Justice League Unlimited and Arrow. Until now.

Justice League: Vixen Rebirth is intended to serve as a quick introduction to one of the new members of the latest incarnation of Justice League of America. The unintended side effect was proving a Vixen series could actually be viable.

Writers Steve Orlando and Jody Houser envision Mari McCabe as a global brand initially making her mark as a supermodel before hosting a popular reality series (think Tyra Banks). Well-meaning, but out of touch with regular people, Mari gets a rude awakening after encountering one of the children in one of her foundations. The encounter triggers not so pleasant memories of her childhood, spurring Mari into action.

Justice League Vixen interior art

Jamal Campbell’s art has a lot of flavor. I could almost picture a smooth jazz soundtrack ala Luke Cage while reading. Campbell gives Mari a noticeable sense of poise and style befitting a former model. Campbell also utilized a very clever approach in handling Vixen’s animal based powers. I’m really hoping DC has him lined up to do more projects with Vixen as he’s a great fit.

I wasn’t all that excited about these standalones, but they’ve done a fantastic job of building interest in the new team. Hopefully that momentum continues into the new Justice League book.

Rating: 9.5 out of 10

Image Credit: DC Comics

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