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Justice League vs Power Rangers #1

Justice League vs Power Rangers #1 cover

Please don’t be exhausted on crossovers before checking out Justice League/Power Rangers #1. Better than it has any right to be, this team-up proves immediately satisfying and ripe with potential.

Well-timed to coincide with the March 24 Power Rangers movie, this crossover showcases the Mighty Morphin squad at their finest. Writer Tom Taylor thankfully treats the Power Rangers with full respect. Taylor handles them more like an alternate version of the Teen Titans than potential goofy butt of jokes.

That respectful treatment allows the crazier scenarios to have greater impact and make would could have been silly amazing.
In a desperate attempt to stave off Lord Zedd’s forces, one of the Power Rangers inadvertently crosses realms arriving in the DC universe. Directly into a conflict with Batman.

Justice League vs Power Rangers #1 interior art

Again, Taylor could have dismissively treated the Power Rangers, especially in a fight with Batman, but in showcasing their determination and resourcefulness, the prospect of an all-out Justice League vs Power Rangers clash sounds awesome.

DC has a ton of great artistic talent, but getting Stephen Byrne to draw this mini-series is like drafting a fourth-rounder and watching them turn into a Hall of Famer. Byrne has done some solid work as a fill-in artist on Green Arrow, but his animated style was almost too clean for GA’s grimy world. Byrne was clearly DC’s best choice for this book as his style perfectly compliments the anything goes nature of this crossover.

This issue was a real unexpected treat. The writing was right on point and the art was a terrific fit. While I might have originally been skeptical of the concept, I’m fully won over and can’t wait to watch this mini-series play out.

Rating: 10 out of 10

Image Credit: DC Comics

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