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Justice League vs. Suicide Squad #4

Justice League vs Suicide Squad #4 cover

Justice League vs. Suicide Squad took an exciting turn in its fourth issue. Maxwell Lord brought his original Suicide Squad against the Justice League and Suicide Squad in an explosive and thoroughly satisfying clash.

Williamson, the regular Flash writer, made sure to deliver a number of fun scenes with Flash and Capt. Boomerang. While he’s just been handling a solo character, Williamson easily managed an extended team book.

In several cases, Williamson utilized the Justice Leaguers better in this issue than at any point in the regular Justice League title. Cyborg revealed a particularly clever new ability that makes sense with his skill set.

No character got shortened and Williamson did a commendable job of making the original Suicide Squad formidable enough to be a legit threat to both teams.

Justice League vs Suicide Squad #4 interior art

The biggest improvement this issue was the art. This is the kind of big screen style mega event that needs flashy and top tier talent art. With Fernando Pasarin on board, issue 4 has dynamic and highly detailed art worthy of this blockbuster-sized crossover.

Pasarin has a very cinematic style and he positions the characters in to simulate action and movement exquisitely. He doesn’t cheat on background details or expressive faces either making for the best art the crossover’s had since the first issue.

Williamson ends the book on another crazy cliffhanger that promises to pose the ultimate threat to one team. Issue 4 was exactly where this crossover needed to go at this point and fully delivered. Bring on the next chapter.

Rating: 10 out of 10

Image Credit: DC Comics

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