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Suicide Squad #9

Suicide Squad #9 coverThe original Suicide Squad’s insatiable desire to get revenge on Amanda Waller? Turns out it wasn’t completely unjustified.
That’s the core of Suicide Squad #9, a Justice League vs Suicide Squad tie-in. Unlike the JL installment, this tie-in, written by regular Squad writer Rob Williams and SI Spurrier is essential reading for the full picture.

When a foreign nation unveils its own super powered agents and plans to unleash them against enemies of the state, Waller sends her Squad to take them down. But not even The Wall could foresee this outcome. That’s not hard to imagine with a team comprised of Lobo, Doctor Polaris and Johnny Sorrow.  This story also helps provide greater insight on how Waller deals with the current day Squad.

Suicide Squad #9 interior artRiley Rossmo’s art fits well with this cast and this story. It’s not the glamour action work of Jim Lee, but ideally suited for this nightmarish version of the Squad.

This was a better than average tie-in and one that does a great job of showcasing why Waller is one of the most dangerous figures in the DC Universe.

Rating: 9.5 out of 10

Image Credit: DC Comics

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