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Justice League of America #1

Justice League of America #1 cover

Justice League of America #1 struggled to overcome the question of this team’s purpose, but it’s on the right track. If nothing else it seems poised to be a vastly improved Justice League experience than Bryan Hitch’s title.

Batman’s random crew is engaging in random acts of heroics, but they get their first major test when The Extremists come to Earth.

For old school Justice League fans, The Extremists were the best villains during the Bwahaha era. Warped takes on Marvel Comics characters, they proved extremely formidable and dangerous foes. As far as measuring stick villains go, writer Steve Orlando couldn’t have picked a better team.

The team dynamics are pretty good — Vixen is an intriguing choice as deputy leader and Ryan Choi had some nice moments with Killer Frost — but Batman is bizarrely out of character. He’s hardly the strategist we associate with the character. I’m starting to buy into the thought that this isn’t really Batman.

Justice League of America #1 interior art

Once again the highlight of the issue is Ivan Reis’ art. Reis gets some massive destruction and chaos to tackle. Just as important is the facial expressions of his characters, which conveys the emotion without word bubbles. This is the main DC book worth buying solely for the art.

Justice League isn’t fully fleshed out yet. Orlando is still working on nailing the characters’ voices, but this is an encouraging start. With The Extremists in town, this initial arc certainly won’t be boring.

Rating: 8 out of 10

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