DC Comics reviews for 2/22/17 – Hal Jordan, The Flash, Suicide Squad

The Flash #17

The Flash #17 cover

The Flash has a dramatic showdown with The Rogues in a satisfying and enjoyable conclusion to Rogues Reloaded.

After working his way through the various ‘boss levels,’ it’s time for Flash’s confrontation with Captain Cold. This fight doesn’t disappoint as Cold shows why he’s the boss of The Rogues with his souped up cold gun.

Writer Joshua Williamson smartly wraps this storyline. The Rogues don’t lose face, still come off like a threat and have to lick their wounds for the rematch. And Captain Cold has a clear vision on how to ensure they don’t lose the next time. I’m already looking forward to seeing what Williamson has in store.

The Flash #17 interior art

Williamson learned from the Godspeed arc that good stories don’t have to stretch out beyond four issues. This was an example of economical storytelling that I’d love to see more modern comic writers utilize. Although one story is wrapped, Williamson starts laying down plot threads for future storylines and some classic Flash heroic moments.

The only disappointment is Carmine Di Giandomenico couldn’t handle all the art this issue. He’s assisted by David Gianfelice and Neil Googe. To their credit, the artist musical chairs isn’t too jarring.

For old school fans, this was a classic Flash arc. With a speedster and The Rogues covered, I’m anxious to see what Williamson has in store for us next.

Rating: 9.3 out of 10

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