DC Comics reviews for week of 3/8/17

Action Comics #975

Action Comics #975 cover

The mystery of Clark Kent gets answered this issue and it’s the most satisfying never see it coming twist since Rebirth #1!
Issues like this are why I got into comic books in the first place.

The big reveal was totally unexpected but over the course of the super-sized issue, it all makes beautiful sense. Clark’s identity was unexpected and this payoff is all the better for it not being spoiled.

I’m not going to do that here, but if you’re a Superman fan, rush to pick this up.

Writer Dan Jurgens gets the honors of the big reveal, which is fitting since Action has heavily focused on the mystery of Clark Kent. Jurgens delivers in a big way on the emotional moment for Superman and Lois Lane.

Action Comics #975 interior artDoug Mahnke fills in as artist and he was a great choice. Mahnke crafts some outstanding pages fully taking advantage of the big showcase scene. The backup story, written by Paul Dini and drawn by Ian Churchill, might even be better. We learn the origin of this chapter from another character that makes them sympathetic. That’s a testament to Dini’s ability to deliver genuine emotion. Churchill’s art is terrific as well.

Superman Reborn is unfolding in a wonderfully imaginative way and paying off all the hype and more. This is easily your if you can only buy one comic this week pick.

Rating: 10 out of 10

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