DC Comics reviews for week of 3/8/17

Detective Comics #952

Detective Comics #952 variant cover

Everyone that’s come into contact with her has a healthy respect or outright fears Lady Shiva. This issue proves not only was that reputation justified, but possibly not giving her enough credit.

As Team Batman battles the League of Shadows, Shiva observes with a keen eye on one member — Orphan.

Shiva is more than enough for the team to handle, but the League aren’t patsies either pushing the team to a breaking point. Then there’s the small matter of the Gotham City Police Department gunning for Batman after the shocking death of the mayor.

Writer James Tynion IV has done a masterful job of continuing to make Batman an underdog by stacking the odds against the team. It makes Batman so much more of a compelling character with him unable to fix every problem without an effort.

Detective Comics #952 interior art

Christian Duce gets a quick assist in the prelude chapter from Fernando Blanco, but handled the bulk of the art. Duce’s style recalls Jason Fabok and that’s definitely a compliment. Panel arrangement, character movement and expressions are all very strong in both the action sequences and more emotional beats, which is vital this issue.

DC has an embarrassment of riches with Batman right now. Between Detective and Batman, the best title is whichever one you read last. League of Shadows has been nothing short of exceptional and it’s made for yet another great arc of this superior title.

Rating: 10 out of 10

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