DC Comics reviews for week of 3/8/17

Wonder Woman #18

Wonder Woman #18 variant cover

Godwatch is not a quick moving story, but writer Greg Rucka isn’t interested in quick satisfaction. He’s more deliberate with this flashback story that’s slowly unfolding into a legit Greek tragedy. In the process, Rucka continues to flesh out how events from the past help drive actions in the present day storyline.

Veronica Cale is desperate to restore her daughter’s health even if it means betraying a new ally, using old friends and setting up an icon. Cale isn’t the typical supervillain as her actions are completely understandable. It’s what any parent would do for their child.

Wonder Woman largely takes a backseat this issue while Rucka further fleshes out Dr. Cyber, Cale and Barbara Ann Minerva’s tragic fate. The writing continues to be superb and Godwatch is hitting all the emotional sweet spots with intelligence and style.

Wonder Woman #18 interior art

Bilquis Evely might not make everyone forget about Nicola Scott, but her work is well-suited for this arc. Evely really gets to the heart of the characters’ emotional state and their feelings would come across without any dialogue. Rucka isn’t asking for a lot of intense action, but Evely is more than handling her end with some very strong artwork.

The title might be moving a little slow for some readers, but it’s becoming increasingly more rewarding as Rucka delves deeper into Wonder Woman’s supporting cast. It’s not a flashy read, but one I really enjoyed this week.

Rating: 9.5 out of 10

Image Credit: DC Comics

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