DC Comics reviews for 3/15/17

Super Sons #2

Super Sons #2 cover

Despite the cover tease, issue #2 isn’t devoted to a Super Sons vs. Lex Luthor battle. They’re still trying to crack a case that’s got Damian curious. But first, they’ve got to evade Luthor while protecting their identities. Writer Peter J. Tomasi respects Luthor and doesn’t make him look like a simpleton, which is a nice change from some titles where he’s appeared.

And Luthor isn’t nearly as dangerous as the suspect they’re chasing — a boy infected by the Amazo virus. Tomasi took that subplot in a darker place than I’d like considering this would otherwise be a great read for younger readers. But Jon and Damian might have a bigger problem — learning how to co-exist.

One of the main reasons this title is working so well is Jon and Damian’s banter. They sound like early teens complete with an ongoing ‘my dad is better than your dad’ exchange. Tomasi gets their personalities and balances Jon’s youthful and somewhat sheltered childhood to offset Damian’s more privileged and arrogant upbringing.

Super Sons #2 interior art

Artist Jorge Jimenez’s lively style is such a great fit for this title. He’s able to make Damian and Jon very expressive. Jimenez captures the little details like how Damian prefers a crouching and sneakier posture to Jon’s upright and straight stance just like their fathers. Jimenez occasionally goes a little too cartoonish with some of the expressions, but it’s a workable trade-off considering the tone of the book.

Even with the slightly darker subject matter with Kid Amazo, Super Sons #2 was a strong and frequently funny follow-up to the first issue.

Rating: 8.5 out of 10

Images Credit: DC Comics

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