DC Comics reviews for 3/15/17

Aquaman #19

Aquaman #19 cover

Dan Abnett isn’t afraid to take Aquaman out of his element. If there was any doubt the Aliens-inspired kickoff to H2.0 should erase them.

Aquaman and Mera join forces with the Aquamarines to investigate an military base that suddenly dropped contact.

Initially, the issue is a tough read. Abnett reaches back to Aquaman’s earlier New 52 series for these characters and plot points. For readers who’ve jumped in since Rebirth, it’s difficult to appreciate the dynamics and tension here despite Abnett’s decent recap. But once the character interplay subsides, Abnett ramps up the thrills with the return of one of Aquaman’s deadliest foes.

Aquaman #19 interior art

Phillip Briones is back on art this issue. Briones crafts sharp pages and is smart with the layout, but his characters occasionally are stiff and flat. That’s not the norm though and there’s plenty of dynamic character movement. Colorist Gabe Eltaeb, as always, continues to deliver gorgeous colors to give the art an impressive sheen. Eltaeb uses some nice fading effects for flashback scenes.

Taking Aquaman down the horror/thriller route is unexpected, but as usual, the title keeps delivering quality issues every other week. I’m looking forward to seeing where Abnett takes this storyline next.

Rating: 9 out of 10

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