DC Comics reviews for 3/15/17

Green Lanterns #19

Green Lanterns #19 cover

Green Lanterns is always at its best when Baz and Cruz are out of their element. As newer heroes, they’ve still got a steep learning curve and there’s never a lack of fun scenarios to watch them navigate.

As a light tie-in to the Justice League vs. Suicide Squad crossover, Dr. Polaris resurfaces. A longtime foe of Hal Jordan, Polaris represented a fresh adversary for Baz and Cruz with a much different skill set than the Lantern-based enemies they’ve largely battled.

Writer Sam Humphries uses this issue largely to explore Polaris’ current agenda and struggles. Humphries does a commendable job of making Dr. Polaris both sympathetic and dangerous.

As the issue unfolds, Baz and Cruz look ill-prepared to handle him leading to a clever cliffhanger. At the same time, I’d love for Humphries to dig a little deeper in handling the Baz/Cruz partnership. It’s still a bit shallow and in need of a more personal touch.

Green Lanterns #19 interior art

Ronan Cliquet provides the art this issue resulting in some clean line work and expressive characters.

I like Cliquet’s work a lot. There’s a clarity that’s necessary in handling a Green Lantern title. Cliquet’s pencils don’t get too distracting despite solid details and Baz and Cruz look much more natural in their movements than under some other artists.

Polarity marks an easy jumping on point for new readers. This isn’t DC’s highest profile book, but it simply works.

Rating: 8.5 out of 10

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