DC Comics reviews for 3/15/17

Nightwing #17

Nightwing #17 cover

The title may say Nightwing and the costume is different, but this issue was a classic Batman & Robin adventure.
With his pregnant girlfriend Shawn abducted, Nightwing starts a frantic international search. Tagging along is his former Robin and ‘little brother,’ Damian Wayne.

Writer Tim Seeley gets great mileage playing up this dynamic. Damian is always a little intense while Nightwing attempts to keep his emotions in check. Just from Nightwing and Damian alone, this issue was a winner.

Nightwing and Damian get a shocking surprise when they discover Deathwing, a mysterious creature wearing Nightwing’s costume and speaking in his voice, is the culprit. The one-time Dynamic Duo is going to need assistance from an unexpected source to survive.

Nightwing #17 interior art

Javier Fernandez likes the challenge of drawing Nightwing’s world. He incorporates just the right amount of light and shadows to get the gritty feel of a Bat-vigilante with just enough colorful scenes to reflect Nightwing’s more optimistic approach.

Fernandez occasionally gets a little too busy on some panels making for the random cluttered page, but the effort is appreciated.

Chris Sotomayor’s colors cover this mix really well, creating a great atmosphere for this issue.

The source of the drama should be familiar to fans of Grant Morrison’s iconic run and was a smart use of an underutilized Batman rogue.

Nightwing Must Die has delivered the goods so far and this was another winner.

Rating: 8.5 out of 10

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