March Bashness 2017 – 1st Round Results: Who advanced?

Thanks to everyone for voting in the first round of March Bashness 2017. I was hoping for at least double digits, but the turnout was better than I expected. This has long been one of those to-do projects for me and so far it’s been every bit as fun as imagined. Now let’s find out who advanced.

Doomed region

(1) The Road Warriors vs. (8) Kane & X-Pac

Road Warriors vs Kane and X-Pac

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Maybe the Twin Towers would have given the Road Warriors a tougher match-up? Kane could match up with both Hawk and Animal, but ultimately plucky X-Pac would make one rash move too many leading to a decisive pinfall for the LOD.

(2) Demolition vs (7) The Iron Sheik and Nikolai Volkoff

Demolition vs Sheik and Volkoff

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Ax and Smash demolished the early 80s duo. While Sheik and Volkoff might have a special place for Rock N’ Wrestling fans, the savagery and brutality of Demolition proved too much. Demolition advances with eyes firmly set on a Doomed regional Final against The Road Warriors.

(3) The Von Erichs vs. (6) The Nasty Boys

Von Erichs vs Nasty Boys

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This was a matchup I was real curious how voters would see break down. The Von Erichs stayed largely in Texas while The Nasty Boys battled the best in the biz in tag team so I was surprised the Von Erichs so easily captured this win.

(4) Money Inc. vs. (5) The Usos

Money Inc vs The Usos

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I like the Usos and think if I made a strictly modern region next year they’d get far. Battling an old school tag team? They didn’t fare nearly as well. Money Inc. cruises to a relatively easy first round win.

Next up: Encore region
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