March Bashness 2017 – 1st Round Results: Who advanced?

Encore: The Opera House region

(1) Edge & Christian vs. (8) Cryme Tyme

Edge and Christian vs Cryme Tyme

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In the most lopsided match-up of the first round, E&C easily defeated the boys from Crooklyn. Given that E&C dominated one of the best eras for tag team wrestling ever and Cryme Tyme failed to get even one reign as champions during one of the weakest, this wasn’t surprising. This was the equivalent of a MEAC school getting blown out of the gym by the No.1 seed.

(2) The New Age Outlaws vs. (7) The Natural Disasters

New Age Outlaws vs Natural Disasters

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For a long time in the voting, this looked like it was going to be one of the tournament’s big upsets. But a late surge from DX fans eventually helped The Outlaws get the win. Had the Disasters gotten a sixth seed they really might have been able to do some damage in some other regions.

(3) Los Guerreros vs. (6) America’s Team

Los Guerreros vs America's Team

This is definitely a dream match, no pun intended. The Guerreros vs. Dusty Rhodes and Magnum T.A. Both teams are highly competitive and know each other like brothers. The Guerrerros slow down Dusty by attacking his knee, but Dream is firing back with a little flip flop and fly! Magnum is in and hits the belly to belly. Eddie is sliding a chair in, but Magnum picks it up.  Eddie is begging off, but wait, Eddie’s acting like Magnum hit him with the chair and the referee is calling for the bell. Los Guerreros pick up the crooked win by DQ!

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I liked this match-up and voters did too. Magnum and Dusty gave a good showing against 1/3 of the Smackdown Six. I’m curious how this match would have played out if Mattel had a Nikita Koloff figure available yet?

(4) The Shield vs. (5 ) The Miz & Morrison

Shield vs Miz and Morrison

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I was a little surprised Reigns and Rollins so easily won this one. Clearly, Reigns’ haters still fondly remember his Shield glory days fondly. M&M just had a bad match-up here.

Next Up: Unicorn Falls region

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