March Bashness 2017 – 1st Round Results: Who advanced?

Unicorn Falls

(1) The New Day vs.  (8) The Twin Towers

New Day vs Twin Towers

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This was a case of the top seed sleeping on an opponent and coming real close to getting upset. This probably doesn’t bode well for New Day’s long-term chances, but at least they advance this round.

(2) Tully & Arn vs. (7) The Allied Powers

Tully and Arn vs Allied Powers

The Horsemen remain one of my top picks to win the whole tournament. The Allied Powers fared respectably, no doubt as many voters figured Luger’s experience battling his former stable mates would give him an edge. Ultimately, Tully & Arn’s sneakiness gave them the win. Next year, I definitely hope to set up a Revival vs. Tully & Arn matchup.

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(3) The Dudley Boyz vs. (6) The Wolfpac

Dudley Boyz vs Wolfpac

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I thought this one would be competitive due to name value of The Wolfpac. Voters didn’t buy in though figuring The Dudleyz weren’t going to lose to a team that was only around for a few months. This time next year should see Sting and Nash’s fate change with different partners.

(4) Jeri-Show vs. (5) The Wild Samoans

Jeri-Show vs Samoans

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This was the first round’s lone ‘upset.’ And it could not have been any closer! I assumed Jericho’s ongoing popularity would help Jeri-Show cruise. And the fact that the Samoans haven’t been visible in decades seemed like a major obstacle. The Samoans led all the way here. It looked like we would have a tie, which would have been fun to work in a double DQ or double count-out finish. But this definitely is a reminder that every vote counts.

Next Up: Firepit region

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