March Bashness 2017 – 1st Round Results: Who advanced?

Firepit region

(1) Harlem Heat vs. (8) Legacy

Harlem Heat vs Legacy

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Like E&C/Cryme Tyme, this was never truly in doubt. I figured with his current hot run through the independents, Cody Rhodes would boost Legacy’s stock with voters. That wasn’t the case and Harlem Heat stays on fire atop their region.

(2) The Hart Foundation vs. (7) The Wyatt Family

Hart Foundation vs Wyatt Family

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If the Wyatts managed to string together a dominant run in the current day WWE and not just NXT, maybe they would have given the Harts a stiffer challenge? Either way, voters didn’t buy their chances in this one.

(3) The Rockers vs. (6) The Hart Dynasty

Hart Dynasty vs The Rockers

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As enjoyable a team as The Hart Dynasty was, Kidd probably would have fared better here with his more recent tag team partner Cesaro instead. The Rockers coasted here early on and never looked back.

(4) The APA vs. (5) The Sheepherders

APA vs Sheepherders

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This was a match I expected to be closer. In their prime, The Sheepherders would have brought some real carnage and given the APA all they could handle. But the APA’s quick strike, high impact moves probably would’ve eventually helped them advance.

Take a look at how the updated bracket shakes out now.

Stay tuned tomorrow as I break down the brackets and open up the second round voting. Like the backdrops? Pick them up at


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