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Titans Annual #1

Titans Annual #1 cover

For Titans Annual #1, writer Dan Abnett went the surefire fan-pleasing route with the Justice League guest starring.
Nightwing, Donna Troy, Flash and Tempest find themselves trapped in a seemingly endless chamber. Good thing they’re not alone. Aquaman, Batman, Flash and Wonder Woman are also imprisoned, but some Leaguers aren’t thrilled to see their younger counterparts.

Too bad Green Arrow isn’t part of the League currently as that prevented Arsenal from having a more prominent role.
Whenever teams join forces the character interplay is usually the highlight. The disposable villain is hardly as entertaining as seeing how the teams get along. But with the Titans and Justice League, it’s even more significant.

Abnett largely gets that right. Barry Allen isn’t opposed to taking Nightwing’s orders while Aquaman scoffs at his suggestions. The mentor/mentee dynamic is all around solid as well with some great scenes with the Flashes and Aquaman and Tempest.
Abnett does succumb to the trap a lot of writers make in scripting Batman. He’s abrasive, controlling and distrustful. That was more of the old 90s/2000 cliche take on Batman, one that doesn’t fully work with the more team-friendly version in Batman and Detective Comics.

Titans Annual #1 interior art

Minkyu Jung handles the art with a terrific style reminiscent of a cross between Marcus To and Francis Manipul. Jung should be an artist DC editors keeps on the shortlist whenever Titans needs a fill-in artist. Adriano Lucas’ colors aren’t especially dynamic with some pages looking somewhat washed out, but overall look sharp.

Despite the Annual tag, Abnett introduces what should be a major status quo change for one of the Titans. While the main villain is largely insignificant, this new development makes this an annual worth getting for Titans fans.

Rating: 8.5 out of 10

Image Credit: DC Comics

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