DC Comics reviews 4/5/17

Aquaman #20

Aquaman #20 cover

Two issues into H2.0 and the fun — and thrills — hasn’t let up in Aquaman’s most terrifying and intense Rebirth arc yet.
Aquaman, Mera and the expedition to find the missing researchers get some more clues into the latest appearance of Dead Water, but none are especially reassuring.

Writer Dan Abnett has established a crazy intense mood here. Mainstream superhero comics rarely manage to adequately convey a thriller/horror tone thanks to the absence of music and subtleties of actor performances.

Abnett is hitting all the appropriate scare buttons here. It helps that Aquaman and Mera are more composed in this terrifying situation and maintain their cool.

While the payoff of Dead Water’s origin might not prove all that original, he represents a welcome change of pace villain for Aquaman.

Aquaman #20 interior art

Phillip Briones is on art detail this issue. Briones appears more comfortable handling the action sequences and he makes Dead Water an immense physical threat. Some panels suffer from flat and soft facial expressions though. As usual, the colors pop thanks to Gabe Eltaeb’s vibrant color scheme.

This has been a really fun and different arc than a normal Aquaman story. I like what Abnett’s doing and appreciate the horror elements he’s added to make this arc feel so fresh.

Rating: 9 out of 10

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