DC Comics reviews 4/5/17

Green Lanterns #20

Green Lanterns #20 cover

With two main characters, Green Lanterns is already crowded, but writer Sam Humphries challenges himself further by attempting to make Doctor Polaris a sympathetic villain. There’s a lot of misunderstood villains, but Doctor Polaris is more a classic bad guy. Underrated? Definitely, but Humphries doesn’t offer enough of a fresh take to make this spotlight particularly worthwhile.

Baz and Cruz have their own problems trying to escape Doctor Polaris’ metal prison under the sea. I liked how this escape played out and kind of wished Humphries spent a little more time on the underlined issues with Baz’s performance problems. While they were caught off guard in their first encounter, the lanterns are much more prepared for Doctor Polaris. Humphries also adds in some fun cameos. One is purely for logistics while the other is far more intriguing with a lot of potential.

Green Lanterns #20 interior art

Eduardo Pansica continues his solid work on pencils. Pansica does a fine job conveying Baz’s intensity and Cruz’s more thoughtful approach to ring-slinging. I’m not the biggest fan of this version of Doctor Polaris’ costume, but Pansica is making it work or at least look intimidating. Blond’s colors are strong as usual with some nice effects on the flashback sections.

This wasn’t a bad issue, but somewhat flat with the Doctor Polaris focus. Humphries sets up some interesting subplots while keeping Doctor Polaris strong for next issue’s showdown with Baz and Cruz. That should be when things get a needed boost in excitement.

Rating: 7 out of 10

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