DC Comics reviews 4/5/17

Justice League #18

Justice League #18 cover

As Timeless continues to unfold, it’s becoming more and more convoluted. This is still an improvement over earlier arcs in the title, but it hasn’t fully gotten over its earlier problems.

There’s a lack of urgency this issue and it plays out too similar to what’s already been established. Superman is directly confronting Tempus while Batman works to aid his teammate. Meanwhile the rest of the League is scattered through time carrying out the agenda of another ally. And that’s pretty much where the title has been for the past few issues.

Writer Bryan Hitch knows where his ultimate destination is for the arc, but he’s not making the path enticing to follow. It’s not a matter of Hitch needing to lay everything out at once, but it’s time to start advancing the story. The easily foreshadowed cliffhanger is a step in the right direction, but it feels a little late at this point. It doesn’t help that Hitch spends so little time on the rest of the League beyond checking in on their fights.

Justice League #18 interior art

Although the story is moving in slow motion, Fernando Pasarin’s art continues to impress. There’s some fantastic details throughout each page. Pasarin never seems overwhelmed and crams so much into every panel. The only thing holding him back is his characters’ facial expressions. Jon Kent looked much older than he’s portrayed by other artists for example. Brad Anderson’s color work also makes every page gorgeous to take in with a rich color palette and sound use of shading.

While this issue largely felt like it was running in place, the plot looks to finally be advancing. Coupled with Pasarin’s fantastic art that’s enough reason to still be invested in this arc … for now.

Rating: 7 out of 10

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