DC Comics reviews 4/5/17

Nightwing #18

Nightwing #18 cover

Fans of Grant Morrison’s Batman & Robin run should feel right at home with this issue. Writer Tim Seeley sends Nightwing and Robin against Professor Pyg and his Dollotron army. Pyg is such an inspired and creepy villain and best of all feels more like a Nightwing foe than a Batman Rogue.

Seeley continues making this latest team up with Dick and Damian a lot of fun with how he plays up their wildly different philosophies. Like Batman, Damian is a character who works with a writer who shows restraint and doesn’t just make him a caricature. With a pair of Dollotrons resembling the current Dynamic Duo, Seeley adds in a touch of mystery as to who can be trusted.

Nightwing #18 interior art

Javier Fernandez got art assists from Minkyu Jung this issue. The two styles don’t mesh especially well, which is even more noticeable on some pages where Fernandez’s art looks unfinished. While the flip flopping of artists is visually distracting, the action largely works thanks to Fenandez’s knack for dynamic framing and layouts. Jung holds his end up well on his pages and looks like a viable candidate as the alternating Nightwing artist.

Chris Sotomayor works in a nice variety of colors with some nice subtleties in the shading of Deathwing and Robin’s costumes.

Just as it seemed the Nightwing Must Die arc was winding down, Seeley sends a major curve ball with the shocking reappearance of another acclaimed addition to the Batman Rogues. This arrival is pretty exciting and I’m really looking forward to seeing where Seeley takes this arc next.

Rating: 8 out of 10

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