DC Comics reviews 4/5/17

Superman #20

Superman #20 cover

My love for this title is nearly limitless that’s even before an appearance from a certain Caped Crusader and son.

The fallout from Superman Reborn has yet to be fully touched upon, but that has to wait for a future issue. For now, Batman and Damian are back and The Dark Knight has some big questions. And the answers are found in the most unusual spot. That’s a huge part of the fun with this title. It’s a thoroughly modern spin on the anything goes nature of the Silver Age. And it almost always works.

Writers Peter J. Tomasi and Patrick Gleason do a better job than most of highlighting the differences between Batman and Superman without making either look silly. Superman isn’t a dumb big Boy Scout and Batman isn’t paranoid and distrustful at every turn. And Tomasi and Gleason still manage to work in a little fun in the process. Ever wondered if Batman likes apple pie? You’ll find out here.

Superman #20 interior art

Superheroes rarely get the chance to sit back and be content. That’s an essential element to this storyline. Clark and Lois have settled in nicely to life on the farm. And Jon is loving the freedom to explore his powers. But a new threat means the Kents might be relocating sooner than expected.

There may be flashier artists and others that draw a more detailed realistic style, but few are a better fit for the tone of this title than Gleason. His characters look so lively and pleasant thanks to a disarming art style that puts the reader at ease thanks to scenarios that are just fun or cute. John Kalisz’s warm colors enhance the laid back Sunday afternoon feel of this easy read.

It was so good seeing Superman looking fully like Superman again. No armor plated or dark hued one-piece. This is classic Superman with a few new tweaks.

Even as the first issue of a new arc, this didn’t read like a set-up issue. Gleason and Tomasi make simple character interaction highly engaging. Black Dawn might go to some darker places next issue, but this was a fun — and funny — read with two of DC’s most unusual families.

Rating: 9.5 out of 10

Image Credit: DC Comics

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