DC Comic reviews for 4/12/17

Titans #10

Titans #10 cover

After a long con by the Fearsome Five, the Titans are ready to strike back. But when one of their most deadliest opponents have the upper hand, the Titans might need a little help from their friends.

The first half of the issue is the kind of superhero vs supervillain team battle that rarely gets old. It’s in the second half where writer Dan Abnett gets a bit too cute. Abnett establishes the Fearsome Five is more than a match for the Titans, but wastes their newfound credibility by having a wildcard nearly take them down single-handedly. But while the FF might not get the victory this time, their attack does leave a powerful impact on the team sets up some interesting future subplots.

Titans #10 interior art

Brett Booth loves going big for the sprawling action sequences. Booth rarely sets up boring layouts and his pages have a real spark during fights. The elongated faces make an unwelcome return and in one pivotal part of the issue, Booth appears way off track for what Abnett needed in conveying the right emotion. Those are small hiccups in an otherwise well-illustrated issue.

Abnett isn’t letting up on the classic feel of the old Teen Titans saga. An old longtime nemesis is name dropped, but it’s the cameo on the last page that will have readers anxiously awaiting next month’s issue.

Rating: 8 out of 10

Image Credit: DC Comics
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