DC Comic reviews for 4/12/17

Action Comics #977

Action Comics #977 cover

The New World’s opening chapter is largely a housecleaning issue serving to explain the new Superman status quo.

While it’s tedious watching Superman witnessing Krypton’s destruction and his discovery by the Kents, it’s essential. Superman Reborn melded the pre-Flashpoint and New 52 Superman into one character so there’s some needed clarity of what is and isn’t in continuity now.

For starters, Clark is back as one of the star reporters at The Daily Planet and everyone now knows about Jon. It’ll be interesting to see how the changes affect Superman’s history with Batman and Wonder Woman. Are Batman and Superman closer than the Rebirth dynamic between the two heroes? Did Superman and Wonder Woman ever have a fling now? And how does this impact Superwoman Lana Lang and her origin?

Action Comics #977 interior art

This is the kind of character changes that pre-Crisis on Infinite Earths made DC hard to follow for newcomers. Hopefully writer Dan Jurgens addresses those questions early on in this arc to avoid widespread confusion.

There’s certainly enough material here for Jurgens to explore and develop over the coming months. Especially with a mysterious figure seemingly creating a new Superman Revenge Squad.

Ian Churchill takes care of the art here. Churchill has always had a nice streamlined style and it’s a natural fit for this re-introduction issue. The character movement is fluid and Churchill gives them realistic expressions.

Hi-Fi’s colors are strong, fully pumping out the boldness and brightness of DC’s flagship optimistic and sunny character.

The New World doesn’t answer every Superman Reborn question, but there’s a definite excitement about what Jurgens has in store. I’m thrilled to see Action Comics evolve into such an enjoyable read now.

Rating: 9 out of 10

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