DC Comic reviews for 4/12/17

Suicide Squad #15

Suicide Squad #15 cover

Last issue the Suicide Squad appeared to turn the tide against Rustam and The Burning World. This issue we learn how they did it.

Writer Rob Williams takes advantage of the Squad’s unique setup to craft an Ocean’s Eleven style payoff revealing how Amanda Waller and company pulled off this latest job.

But first there’s the matter of The Burning World. John Romita Jr. handles the first act with the battle between the teams. Romita brings a welcome dose of chaotic energy to this sequence, capturing the mood of the bottom falling out for Rustam and company well.

Suicide Squad #15 interior art

For the more dialogue heavy second act, Eddy Barrows takes up the art chores. This covers a smug Waller retelling her master plan. Barrows pens terrific emotion with his characters. While Barrows and Romita have somewhat clashing styles, that works for the layout of this story.

Williams doesn’t waste too much time as he already sets in motion the next story arc, which involves General Zod and a certain prominent citizen of Metropolis.

Suicide Squad #15 made great use of the title’s format to deliver a strong conclusion to Burning Down the House.

Rating: 8 out of 10

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