DC Comic reviews for 4/12/17

The Flash #20

The Flash #20 cover

The Flash #20 largely plays as a feature on Iris West before paying off a long-developing subplot.

When the bodies of Godspeed’s victims turn up missing, Iris taps in to her investigative skills to discover who’s made off with them and why. Along the way, she encounters her boyfriend, Barry Allen, and The Flash.

Writer Joshua Williamson has done a solid job making Iris more than the standard love interest. She’s good at her job, is doing her best to be a surrogate mother for Wally West and isn’t being a storyline obstacle for Barry/Flash in keeping Central City safe.

This was a smart time to tell a story through Iris’ perspective. Lois Lane is just starting to get back to action as a reporter in Action Comics and Rebirth hasn’t overdone the reporter narrator gimmick. And this was a fun change of pace from the usual Barry/Flash narration. This also sets up a potential problem for Barry down the road.

The Flash #20 interior art

Neil Googe returns as the fill-in artist. Of the various full-in artists on the title, Googe is one of the better fits. His work lacks the frantic energy of Carmine Di Giandomenico, but he captures the fun mood and tone of the title just as well. Googe’s work is strongest on dialogue-heavy stories like this, making for an ideal fill-in assignment. Googe’s pages get a nice boost from returning regular colorist Ivan Plascencia.

Williamson revisits a slow-brewing development since the start of his run and I’m looking forward to seeing what develops. Next up is The Button crossover with Batman, but it’s a testament to the quality of the title that the prospect of the ongoing story playing out is equally as exciting.

Rating: 8.5 out of 10

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