DC Comics reviews for the week of 4/19/17

Superwoman #9

Superwoman #9 cover

Serving as both an epilogue for Superman Reborn and the start of the new series’ direction, there’s a lot to like in the latest issue of Superwoman.

Lana Lang is on the brink of death following her latest power outburst, but Superman has arrived to help his childhood friend. To stay alive, Lana might have to make the next biggest sacrifice.

In her grieving stage, Superman offers a pep talk on her importance and his need for a strong Team Superman. The story fails to adequately address the Superman Reborn lingering plot threads like Lana gaining her powers. Without a New 52 Superman’s death, how did that occur?

Making sense of Lana’s origin will be a key challenge for new writer K. Perkins. There’s some out of character dialogue moments, but overall Perkins’ script is far more streamlined than previous writer Phil Jimenez’s overly wordy issues. Perkins lets moments breathe and allows emotions to unfold. Jimenez cluttered the pages with lengthy dialogue exchanges and monologues.

Superwoman #9 interior art

A subplot with Maggie Sawyer and Atomic Skull felt stale despite the intriguing setup of a reformed villain working alongside law enforcement. Perkins keeps both characters ‘in their lane’ too much to fully explore this dynamic.

Stephen Segovia has done some solid work on Action Comics so he makes a good choice as the new regular artist. There’s not going to be a lot of spectacular pages, but his layout decisions and character posing decisions are sound. The line work seemed softer than his previous work as inker Art Thibert might need to tighten up the artwork to give it a more refined look.

Superwoman has been an inconsistent and underwhelming book on the Superman family. This first issue for the new creative team is a positive step that could potentially make Superwoman the 2017 most improved Superman title.

Rating: 7.5 out of 10

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