DC Comics reviews for the week of 4/19/17

Green Arrow #21

Green Arrow #21 cover

The Rise of Star City kicks off an explosive arc that builds on everything writer Benjamin Percy has built so far.

With the exception of Merlyn and Count Vertigo, Green Arrow has lacked truly great villains. The Ninth Circle has been an inspired and worthy adversary to the Emerald Archer.

The Ninth Circle has colluded to ruin both Oliver Queen and Green Arrow. Now they turn their sights on Seattle. But as their agents — including some familiar faces — begin wreaking havoc on the city, Green Arrow makes a startling surprise that even he didn’t see coming.

Percy smartly paces this issue, clearly establishing the major threat of The Ninth Circle. They have a plan being carried out to perfection while Green Arrow is still in reactionary mode. This makes for a great starting point as it’s hard to see how Arrow, even with the help of his allies, can defeat the Circle.

Green Arrow #21 interior art

With the return of artist Juan Ferreyra, the pages get infused with some much needed vitality and captivating layout. Ferreyra gets the tone of this arc and responds with a more focused use of darker colors and perspectives. This issue features some of his best work on the title.

Percy and Ferreyra are certainly aiming high here but this hits the mark in a big, big way. This has all the potential to be the definitive arc of this run on Green Arrow.

Rating: 9.7 out of 10

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