DC Comics reviews for the week of 4/19/17

Superman #21

Superman #21 cover

With Batman missing it’s up to Superman and the Super Sons to track him down and discover the mystery behind what’s going on in Hamilton County.

This issue was yet another prime example of why Superman is DC’s most consistently entertaining book. From Damian offering Superman flying feedback to Jon giving Damian an alias, there’s no shortage of winning moments.

Writers Peter J. Tomasi and Patrick Gleason have these characters down so well that they’ve established the Rebirth voice for them. Superman rarely sounds as heroic, but more importantly Gleason and Tomasi make Superman cool even when scolding his son.

Damian and Jon play off each other so well that every panel is a blast. It says a lot for their dynamic that even with Super Sons, I can’t get enough of their interaction.

Just as important, Tomasi and Gleason understand comics can just be fun and not so needlessly dark. Superman battles a giant squid and ink men, but it works.

Superman #21 interior art

Pulling double duty might be tough, but Superman is at its best with Gleason illustrating it. His artwork captures the bold, grandiose vibe of larger than life superheroics. The body language of the characters is such a vital element of Glendon’s storytelling and he does a terrific job differentiating Jon & Damian from Superman. Jon Kalisz and Hi-Fi add the extra boost with vibrant color work.

The interesting reveal of the Black Dawn adversaries should make for an exciting next issue. But as always if you can only pick up a few titles this week, Superman needs to be on that list.

Rating: 10 out of 10

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