DC Comics reviews for the week of 4/19/17

Super Sons #3

Super Sons #3 cover

Three issues in and Super Sons hasn’t shown any signs of a letdown. Peter J. Tomasi’s script and characterization is still dead on, Jorge Jimenez art remains fantastic and this continues to be the best new arrival to the Rebirth catalogue.

Jon and Damian learn the origin of Kid Amazo, but first they’ve got to deal with their fathers in an unexpected clash with Superman and Batman. Or do they?

What continues to make this book such a treat is the back and forth banter between Damian and Jon. Tomasi truly grasps the dynamic of teen (or pre-teen in Jon’s case) boys. One moment they’re best pals and the next they’re arguing and needling each other. Too often, writers just make teens sound like adults, but Tomasi has that lack of maturity down without making them come off like brats.

Super Sons #3 interior art

Jimenez’s art is such a great fit. He’s just playful enough with the exaggerated expressions that the characters have a liveliness to them without veering off into anime territory.

The only odd part of the story is the darker tone of the Kid Amazo subplot. Kids may kill their parents and vice versa in the real world, but it seems such a heavy subject matter for characters this fun.  Heavy tone aside, nothing can ruin the fun of Superboy and Robin squabbling along to solve a mystery. If you’re not reading Super Sons yet, it’s definitely time to add it to your monthly reading list.

Rating: 9.5 out of 10

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