Ranking the Marvel Studios movies from Iron Man to Thor: Ragnarok

Number 1: Captain America: Civil War

Captain America Civil War - Team Cap_2

Civil War has a little bit of everything to make for the best Marvel Studios’ film. A great story that built on events from previous films, terrific character interplay, the most spectacular comic book action sequence yet and a villain who wins. And then there’s the MCU debut of scene-stealers Giant Man, Black Panther and Spider-Man.

While Civil War easily could have just been Avengers 3, it has more heart as a Captain America story. Cap has to deal with his moral stance, his beliefs and his loyalties to his friends even if that puts him in conflict with his pals. Chris Evans was starting to join Robert Downey Jr. as the faces of the MCU with Winter Soldier, but Civil War solidified it.

Marvel Studios hadn’t adapted a lot of Marvel Comics’ stories. They’ve largely been able to create an entirely unique Marvel Cinematic Universe that’s not beholden to the comics. In this case, borrowing inspiration from the comics worked in telling a story that was vastly superior to the comic version.

Directors Joe and Anthony Russo struck the ideal balance of a big blockbuster comic book spectacular and a complex examination of superheroes. And that airport scene. It’s going to take a while for anything to top it with the most obvious candidate shaping up to be Avengers: Infinity War. Whether Infinity War can topple Civil War is another question.

Photo Credit: Walt Disney Pictures

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