DC Comics reviews for the week of 5/10/17

Action Comics #979

Action Comics #979 cover

Action Comics has had an incredibly post-Rebirth rebirth. Initially one of the Rebirth titles on my chopping block, it’s now become one of my most anticipated reads. With more issues like this, Action could become my new favorite title.

Revenge officially kicks off here with the Revenge Squad recruiting Mongul and gathering a valuable artifact from Superman’s Himalayan fortress. The artifact is capable of fixing one thing in a person’s life, which could make for some very interesting problems for Superman.

Big Blue had challenges of his own as he and Lois were apartment hunting. I loved the small personal touch writer Dan Jurgens added here. One of the main reasons for the move from the farm was the commute. Superman used to be a tough character to relate to but by being a husband, father and a dude stuck in traffic he’s like all of us.

Jurgens has been killing it on this title since Path of Doom and he seems emboldened by the freedom to help steer Superman’s direction again.

Action Comics #979 interior artPatch Zircher returns as artist ensuring the issue looks great as well. Zircher has such a clean, understated style that really works for this more relatable spin on Superman.

Jurgens isn’t content with this already assembled collection of villains and has the Squad seek out another character with a major grudge against Superman. That will tie-in with another title making for a very long two weeks. Action Comics continues to deliver exceptional Superman action and character work. This is an issue definitely worth adding to the pull list this week.

 Rating: 9.5 out of 10


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