DC Comics reviews for the week of 5/10/17

All-Star Batman #10

All-Star Batman #10 cover

All-Star Batman kicks off a new arc, The First Ally, with a real 007 flair complete with a ridiculously amazing opening sequence. All that was missing was a snazzy music video featuring Catwoman, Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn silhouettes dancing.

Maybe writer Scott Snyder was in a James Bond state of mind as he crafted this issue. It’s just has that tone with an intense interrogation scene and Batman going undercover as Bruce Wayne? Regardless it makes for a lot of fun with an out of the ordinary, exhilarating Batman adventure.

The present day story is broken up with a flashback of Alfred detailing Bruce’s path to becoming a hero and their bond. In a welcome twist, Snyder doesn’t delay establishing a connection between the flashback and current day events.

My one nitpick is Snyder occasionally writes Batman too gruff while talking to his allies, especially Alfred. Batman tends to tolerate Alfred’s sarcasm and backhanded advice, but he doesn’t treat him like his lackey. Snyder’s Batman veers too often in that direction, which plays out weird as Alfred refers to Bruce/Batman as his son.

All-Star Batman #10 interior art

Rafael Albuquerque does double duty as artist and colorist. He’s such a great fit for this story thanks to some really creative and dynamic layout and perspective choices.

Albuquerque captures the mood of every moment just right whether giving the interrogation scene a true cinematic flair, the gorgeous Miami skyscape or a sun-drenched pier. The art is a real standout this issue.

Albuquerque teams with Rafael Scavone to write the back-up story Killers-In-Law. Bruce goes undercover to infiltrate a Moscow gang only to find its leader mesmerizing. Sebastian Fiumara provides strong art here as well. As the secondary story, there’s not a lot of time for it to develop, but it’s intriguing.

The start to new arcs is always exciting and All-Star Batman definitely delivered. This continues to be one of DC’s most consistent titles. Taking Batman out of his normal environment has made for some terrific fun and thrills continue on in this issue.

Rating: 9.5 out of 10

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