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Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps #20

Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps #20 cover

Just in case anyone forgot the title character in the book, Hal Jordan takes the spotlight in another thrilling issue.
With the Prism Beasts set to invade Mogo, it’s up to the combined might of the Green Lantern and Sinestro Corps to battle them back.

Meanwhile, Sarko gloats at the dawn of his greatest triumph. So far writer Robert Venditti has been able to make Sarko more than the standard monologue rambling villain thanks to his focus on restoring the Sinestro Corps’ luster. Sarko represents a unique threat to this new alliance as he probably embodies the thoughts of some readers who aren’t down with the former arch-enemies working as one unified force.

Venditti serves up some crazy twists this issue, which tie in to New 52 stories. One of the more impressive aspects of the Rebirth books is the writers aren’t afraid to reference stories that did work. With Rebirth colored glasses, this makes it more feasible for readers to check out these hidden New 52 gems minus the scoffing that undid the reboot initially.

Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps #20 interior art

Despite the large ensemble cast, Venditti faithfully provides commendable character development. John Stewart and Hal get the bulk of the focus, but Guy Gardner gets a fun spotlight sequence. One minor issue is how Venditti writes Kyle Rayner a little too focused on rekindling his romance with Soranik. In the middle of one of the Corps’ toughest challenges is a weird time to try and set up a date.

Rafa Sandoval returns as artist just in time. Venditti gives him some impressive Lantern scenario action to craft and the results are impressive. Tomeu Morey is taxed handling all the various constructs and characters, but the color work is very solid.

The issue’s big twist was unexpected and I’m psyched about Venditti’s plans for the new arrival specifically what that means for Hal. This continues to be one of my favorite Rebirth titles. It always makes good on its promise for outlandish space action and great character work. It’s hard to ask for much more.

Rating: 9.5 out of 10

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