DC Comics reviews for the week of 5/10/17

Justice League of America #6

Justice League of America #6 cover

Justice League of America showed some needed improvements this issue. The title has been disappointing so any indication of reversing the trend was appreciated. Writer Steve Orlando still has a tough challenge in making this a must-read book, but there was some potential here.

First, Orlando has to wrap the League’s battle against Aegeus and his forces. Orlando never bothered to fully explain Aegeus’ motives, powers or purpose. He just came across as a generic magical villain.

This new Justice League can battle new villains, but they need to be compelling or at least threatening. Aegeus was neither and would have been better served as a one issue adversary. Keeping him around for two issues felt like needless padding of an already underwhelming story.

This JLA isn’t an all-star roster that readers will follow just because DC’s big guns are in it. What will keep or get readers invested is the connection to the team beyond who they’re fighting. That makes the team building and quiet moments far more important than the villain of the month.

Justice League of America #6 interior art

Orlando sets up some interesting pairings with Lobo & Atom and Killer Frost & Black Canary. Hopefully in future issues, Orlando will explore Batman’s interaction with the team during down times. Or have the team question his commitment if he only shows up for missions. The team dynamics have a lot more potential than other team books simply because this is such a random collection of heroes … and Lobo.


Andy MacDonald’s art was inconsistent due to some framing and layout choices, which dulled some dramatic moments. The action sequences never really felt that thrilling or exciting due to flat posing and character movement. MacDonald really shines in more conversational moments, which the book needs more of anyway. If Orlando can focus more on MacDonald’s strengths, the artwork will also see a noticeable improvement.

While the first half of the issue was weak, I’m cautiously optimistic Orlando and MacDonald are getting a better handle on this team and the best stories to tell with them. There really is potential here and now it’s time for them to start doing something with it.

Rating: 6.5 out of 10

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