DC Comics reviews for the week of 5/17/17

Super Sons #4

Super Sons #4 cover

Superboy and Robin have to put their disagreements on hold a little longer in order to stop Kid Amazo. But the odds on the squabbling superheroes in training working together to tackle a Justice League level threat is slim. Unless they get an assist from Superman.

Super Sons is quickly becoming one of the smoothest reads in the Rebirth era. The plot and dialogue isn’t super dense and the chemistry with Superboy and Robin makes each issue fly by briskly.

Writer Peter J. Tomasi has managed to keep this bickering from becoming tiresome. Maybe at some point that will get old, but Tomasi is approaching this title like a fun Batman vs. Superman — The Younger Years. And since that friendly rivalry has yet to stall out with their very different personalities, there’s no reason to think it can’t be viable long-term with their sons.

Tomasi also uses the issue to work in fitting supporting characters in Lois Lane and Alfred. While they’re featured in Superman and Batman titles, these are two of comics’ best non-costumed characters so any extra spotlight they get is appreciated. Kid Amazo might not be as big a challenge for Superboy and Robin as explaining their actions to their guardians.

Super Sons #4 interior art

Jorge Jimenez’s art is packed with a liveliness and completely tone appropriate spirit of fun. Jimenez slightly exaggerates his characters’ faces and expressions to catch them at the peak of their emotions. This is harder than it looks as Jimenez manages to avoid giving them a cartoonish appearance with over the top expressions.

It’s just four issues in, but considering this already fun dynamic, I’d love to see DC consider a Young Justice Rebirth. One that’s not as serious as Teen Titans and embraces the joy of comics like Super Sons every issue.

Super Sons continues to be one of my favorite reads each month and it hasn’t failed to deliver yet.

Rating: 9.5 out of 10

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