DC Comics reviews for the week of 5/17/17

Teen Titans #8

Teen Titans #8 cover

Although Deathstroke failed in his initial bid to convince Wally West to help him resurrect his son, Slade Wilson always has a backup. In this case that’s literal.

But unlike the Titans’ version, the Teen Titans’ Wally is more susceptible to Slade’s offer. Teen Titans is the second chapter of The Lazarus Contract, but Benjamin Percy does a fantastic job following through on plot threads raised in The Flash and Titans.

The first chapter was a Titans focus, but this is much more of a true crossover issue with both the Teen Titans and Titans interacting. It was refreshing that despite a tense situation, the Teen Titans and Titans don’t get into a stupid fight just to fulfill all the crossover check marks.

This is how a crossover should be handled with all the writing team working in sync to further the event and set up future threads for each title post-crossover.

Teen Titans #8 interior art

Khoi Pham handles the art, but gets layout assists from Phil Hester, who tackles the breakdowns. That gives the issue a different look from the standard Pham style with more traditional framing. This probably isn’t the ideal art setup long term, but it made for a smoother looking issue. Jim Charalampidis’ colors looked a little brighter this issue and didn’t have the usual washed out visual, which was a nice improvement.

Percy passes off the baton next issue to the Deathstroke writer Priest. With the way Lazarus Contract has played out, I’m expecting another terrific installment especially after this crazy cliffhanger.

Rating: 9.5 out of 10

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