DC Comics reviews for the week of 5/17/17

Trinity #9

Trinity #9 cover

Trinity kicks off with an exciting new arc, Dead Space, which takes a familiar concept and gives it a fresh, exhilarating feel.

The Trinity have an assimilation problem. The Hall of Justice has been overrun by an alien force that’s already incapacitated Cyborg and the Green Lanterns. Writer/Artist Francis Manapul does a terrific job showcasing Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman’s differing approaches to an invasion. Batman naturally wants to investigate, Wonder Woman heads straight to battle and Superman wants to figure things out first.

Trinity works on making these three personalities very distinct even for something as basic as a rescue mission. And the pacing of the story progressed nicely – not too slow as to stretch it out for the sake of a long arc, but immediate enough to convey the danger of the situation.

Manapul’s artwork is always solid. He’s one of the DC creators that can sell a book simply from his artwork. Manapul brings such an outstanding energy and liveliness to his characters and pages. There’s little visual surprises each issue and he gets how to frame his characters in the best heroic light.

Trinity #9 interior art

A few pages had some questionable layout choices, but that’s more a matter of Manapul breaking up the monotony. Those chances don’t always pan out, but the effort is appreciated.

Maybe the most interesting aspect of Dead Space? It had a more riveting opening act and better Justice League action than either Justice League of Justice League of America. If Manapul is interested in writing/drawing Justice League, he’s definitely got my vote.

Trinity was due for a fresh arc and Manapul seems dialed in with a fun challenge for his heroic trio and their super friends.

Rating: 9 out of 10

Image Credit: DC Comics

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