DC Comics reviews for the week of 5/17/17

Green Arrow #23

Green Arrow #23 cover

Just as things start heating up for Team Arrow in the battle to save Seattle from the Four Horsemen, some much needed reinforcements arrive. But even with an assist from Arsenal, the Horsemen’s plans could prove difficult to stop. Especially when Team Arrow is just now starting to determine their end game.

Writer Benjamin Percy continues making life tough for Oliver Queen. With another of his pals presumed dead, Oliver is nearly broken and that’s exactly the state of mind the Horsemen want him in. One of the best aspects of this story is Percy is making everything happen so quickly and spiraling so fast it’s conceivable the Justice League can’t help.

While Percy didn’t quite nail Arsenal’s first appearance in the title, his return is much more in line with what I was anticipating earlier. Pairing him with Emi makes for a fun Nightwing/Damian Wayne Robin style dynamic. It’s nice to see Percy making Black Canary more than Green Arrow’s love interest as she carries out an important investigation. Percy doesn’t shortchange his main character either giving Oliver a great showcase moment that could signal the turning of the tide against the Horsemen.

Green Arrow #23 interior art

Juan Ferreyra’s art continues to astound. This is a nightmare scenario for Green Arrow and Ferreyra is strongly capturing that helpless feeling with his framing and layouts. The color choices have been brilliant as well.

The Rise of Star City has been a killer storyline delivering all the beats of a classic Green Arrow story. Each issue has built nicely on the previous installment and this issue takes the story to an entirely unexpected and shocking level.

Rating: 9.5 out of 10

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