DC Comics reviews for the week of 5/17/17

Injustice 2 #2

The second chapter of Injustice 2 got off to a crazy start, had a memorable middle point and a hint that the fan is about to get pretty dirty. It’s safe to say writer Tom Taylor and artist Bruno Redondo are going to let up off this exhilarating ride anytime soon. Of all the great reads going on in DC — and there’s a ton — with this creative team Injustice 2 is quickly standing out from the pack.

Last issue saw a shocking final scene where Batman kills Amanda Waller and Col. Flag to take control of the Suicide Squad. Taylor thankfully doesn’t drag out the secret to that twist as there’s more than one Batman on the scene. With an army of super villains at his side (minus a few disposable third-tier villains), evil Batman poses a real threat unless Batman can assemble an army to take them down. First up? Everyone’s favorite DC couple. But it’s going to take a lot more than them especially with a power outage … where Superman was imprisoned.

Taylor has a sensational knack for getting the characters’ voices down. Even with the fluid nature of imaginary stories, Taylor is sticking true to basic tenants of the characters i.e. Green Arrow being opposed to a club strictly for rich guys. Black Canary is tough, but not unemotional, which is a trick Taylor makes look far easier than his peers.

Redondo’s art is a real treat. He’s got such a great sense of the best camera angles and the layouts are Add in some stellar expressive characters and all around smart framing and this is one of the best looking books this week.

I’d heard all the buzz about the first installment of Injustice and this sequel is certainly living up to the hype. DC couldn’t ask for a better tie-in effort to not just make people want to buy the game, but also grab the previous Injustice collection.

Rating: 10 out of 10  

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