DC Comics reviews for the week of 5/17/17

Justice League #21

Justice League #21 cover

Maybe Bryan Hitch just needs to start thinking smaller? Keeping the Endless arc to a brief two issues resulted in Hitch’s most effective and enjoyable story since he’s been on the title.

Flash keeps looping back in time before a catastrophic event that leaves hundreds dead, including his teammate Jessica Cruz. Worst of all, he thinks he’s to blame for everything going wrong. With a fresh loop, Flash brings Batman along while the Justice League battles the latest vague villain. And together, DC’s best detectives discover why time is stuck on this endless loop.

Hitch has rarely paired Batman and Flash which results in some nice character moments that feels true to both of their personalities. All around Hitch made better use of the entire team culminating in a rare relaxed moment where they’re just hanging out.

Justice League #21 interior art

Part of the reason Justice League has largely failed to connect is because Hitch hasn’t devoted necessary time in establishing their bonds and connections. Jumping from one big world destroying event to the next is fine for action junkies, but fails to provide a reason for readers to care about the League while they’re in these intense battles.

The one lingering problem with the issue was Hitch still trying to make Flash and Cruz an item. It’d be nice if Hitch was more aware of what’s going on in The Flash’s solo book.

Hitch stays on as artist this issue, giving this arc a solid cinematic look. I appreciate Hitch drawing characters different from one another. Even the regular civilians look more natural and realistic, but it’s the small touches like Flash being slimmer than Batman that really make it work. And Hitch tackles action scenes almost with glee with a strong attention to detail. If DC pairs Endless and Timeless in a trade, readers will have the best run of Hitch’s Justice League run.

There’s been some glimpses of Hitch starting to figure it out. Endless definitely gave me reason to be optimistic for the book’s future. Even if you have been skipping this book, this was one worth checking out.

Rating: 9 out of 10

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