DC Comics reviews for the week of 5/17/17

Nightwing #21

Nightwing #21 cover

While the regular creative team of Tim Seeley and Javier Fernandez took an issue off, Nightwing had one of its more enjoyable standalone issues.

That’s largely thanks to writer Michael McMillan having Nightwing enjoying a night out with his bestie Wally West. Dick Grayson has that coolest celebrity vibe going and when he’s hanging out with his pals that tends to make for some fun reads.

Wally is still adjusting to his new status quo and needed some fun. McMillan doesn’t make the mistake of stacking the issue full of Nightwing/Flash spending the night on patrol. This might be DC’s best friendship right now and it was a blast watching them be regular guys.

From getting hit on at a bar, watching a bad blockbuster and cracking on each other, McMillan made Dick and Wally completely relatable here. If Dan Abnett ever needs a fill-in, I’d be very interested in McMillan writing a Titans issue after his work in this issue.

Nightwing #21 interior art

Christian Duce is one of DC’s best artists not working on a regular title. The line work was very crisp and the characters were really nicely detailed and expressive. Not to knock some of Duce’s peers, but his work is too good to simply be on fill-in duties.

This wasn’t the biggest must-read issue this week, but the strong character work and above average artwork make this an easy recommendation for both Nightwing and Flash fans.

 Rating: 9.5 out of 10

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