Why the WWE totally missed the mark on the Big Cass and Enzo split

For the first time in a long time, I was glued to Monday Night RAW’s final segment. Matches are great, but with context they’re even better. There wasn’t a main event match Monday, but the reveal of Enzo’s attacker. And shockingly — to anyone who wasn’t noticing the camera angle and chasm between them — it was Big Cass.

By modern WWE standards, it was a very effective and well done angle. Cass had great intensity breaking down why he attacked his partner. Enzo also showed terrific emotion even managing to shed a tear while getting verbally beat down by his big buddy. Which leads to the biggest problem with the team’s split: Cass is 100% right.


With any great split of a team/faction, the heel needs to be in the wrong. Holding onto the 2% sliver of truth and maximizing that to the full extent. Maybe Hulk Hogan never offered Andre the Giant a title shot and that was enough to turn his back on his friend and join up with Bobby ‘The Brain’ Heenan. But why didn’t he ever ask Hogan?

Shawn Michaels placed all the blame on The Rockers’ misfortune on Marty Jannetty despite being equally at fault for their losses. And Ric Flair showed absolutely no gratitude for Sting having his back in the war against Terry Funk and The Great Muta when he kicked him out of the Four Horsemen.

The face who turns heel on his tag team partner needs to be jealous, delusional or completely unwilling to acknowledge the truth. Lex Luger wasn’t in the corner for Barry Windham’s tag because the Horsemen busted him open. Not because he was never there for him. Tommaso Ciampa feared Johnny Gargano was going to find a new tag team partner after learning he was hurt.

Cass’ reason for turning on Enzo? Enzo talked too much and was always writing checks his butt couldn’t cash. And looking at their history as a team, Cass is right. Enzo was a liability and was probably holding him back. It could have easily been Cass holding the Money in the Bank briefcase this year if he wasn’t saddled with Enzo. And this subsequent feud isn’t terribly exciting as Enzo regularly gets mauled in the ring by everyone. Why would Cass be any different?

WWE Raw - Big Show, The Revival, Kurt Angle, Big Cass and Enzo

WWE had the better payoff thisclose and missed out on it: have Enzo turn on Cass. Enzo turning on Cass wouldn’t have made sense from a fan perspective — Cass always had his back and protected him. And now Enzo is betraying his one true friend? Enzo could go full on delusional saying he was the one that made Cass. He took him from a lumbering giant to a fun loving guy with a catchphrase. But now he’s done with the SAWFT and ready for the big time.

Enzo could even frame it like Carmella got away from Cass and she became Ms. Money in the Bank. But because he doesn’t want to waste his time on the big louse, Enzo starts calling in hired guns to deal with his SAWFT problem. Whether underutilized guys on the roster or NXT guys coming up for brief stints on the main roster, Enzo could bring an army of guys to fight Cass culminating in a one on one showdown at Wrestlemania.

Enzo is smaller than the average guy, but he is a motormouth. In the 80s or 90s, he would have been a manager/wrestler before ultimately being transitioned to a manager. There’s no doubt Enzo could make the fans hate him with a quickness. And Enzo would make a great mouthpiece for guys on the roster who aren’t ever going to be The Rock on the mic.

Instead, we’ll see Cass destroy The Big Show and quickly take out Enzo before becoming just another guy. And that resolution is truly soft.

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