Image Comics reviews for 7-12-17

Kill or Be Killed #10

KillOrBeKilled #10 cover 7-12-17

Dylan’s troubles are getting worse. Overwhelmed with remorse over killing his friend Rex, he wants to put an end to his murderous vigilante actions. But Dylan’s demon insists he’s not done yet and there’s plenty more victims for him to slay. And if that wasn’t bad enough, the Investigative Task Force got its first lead that could ultimately connect Dylan and his crimes.

Writer Ed Brubaker has such a knack for writing fully developed characters. The dialogue and Dylan’s narration is immediately gripping and sucks you into the story. Kill or Be Killed has a lot of different elements, but Brubaker writes in a manner that first time readers can easily catch up on the essential elements without needing a long summary.

Despite his actions, Dylan still manages to come across like a sympathetic character. How often can the phrase the devil made me do it actually apply? Dylan actually can making for a unique and compelling dynamic.


Sean Phillips’ art is equally enthralling. Phillips brings a gritty, real world quality to his characters with age lines, wrinkles and all around expressive faces.

I really liked the storytelling choices in framing long narration boxes along the sides of some pages as Dylan breaks down his thoughts. Elizabeth Breitweiser’s color work further added to Dylan’s bleak mindset giving even bright colors a muted tone.
The big twist at the end of the issue makes for a great cliffhanger proving Brubaker has a slew of surprises still in store.
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