Image Comics reviews for 7-12-17

Regression #3

Completely engrossing is probably the best phrase to describe the third issue of Regression.

The Hive is still gathering members into the fold and now Adrian Padilla is in their sights … or is Adrian really alone in his body?

Cullen Bunn is writing some seriously weird stuff here, but it latches on and doesn’t let go until the last page’s final panel.
This was such a captivating read I finished it and kept thinking about it so much I had to read it again. It’s not hard to imagine how easily Regression would translate to a TV series or a full length film. The police visit scene really played out in cinematic fashion with the only thing missing being an ominous musical accompaniment.


The Hive is an inspired concept. Bunn is playing up unnerving visual elements like flies flying around seemingly undetected and spiders and centipedes crawling around. It’s supposed to be creepy and unsettling and that vibe is strong in pages even when people are just talking.

Danny Luckert’s art is mesmerizing. Luckert chooses these thoughtful perspectives and the character expressions really infuse them with this lifelike quality while retaining a comic book visual. Luckert’s layouts further sell the unnerving tone. I’m a fan of his work and looking forward to seeing his creativity further with this concept.

Bunn and Luckert are weaving a compelling read. For those that like unsettling mysteries, it’s not too late to go back and get in to Regression. There’s a great story that’s just started to unfold.

Rating: 10 out of 10

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