Image Comics reviews for 7-12-17

Youngblood #3


The all-new, all-different Youngblood team continues to come together in the midst of uncertainty and hero catfish-baiting villains.

For newcomers unfamiliar with the various characters and their backstories, this is a daunting read at times. Writer Chad Bowers does a good a job as possible of simplifying the team’s history and provide a clear objective. That gives readers a chance to either rifle through old Youngblood collections or determine they’ll keep playing catch-up. In general, Image would make it easier for potential new readers with a Previously On… blurb on the first page.

The important plot through this issue is figuring out who’s trapping heroes using the mobile app Help! Shaft and Badrock are trying to determine if they have a place or if they want one with this new team. Doc Rocket meanwhile is one of the few non-tainted Oldbloods that the newbies are looking to recruit.


Jim Towe’s art seems a little simplistic at times. Some of the characters’ faces look too similar, but the art has a good energy and vibrancy. Towe appears to have a lot of fun drawing Doc Rocket in action Juan Manuel Rodriguez’s colors are equally bright and cheery. This isn’t a dark and depressing title and the art reflects the series’ spirited tone.

Youngblood is a hit the ground running kind of comic retaining the same tone of the original series. It’s going to take a minute to see what the creative team truly has in store, but it seems like a ride worth taking so far.

Rating: 7 out of 10

Photo Credit: Image Comics

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